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Notes for Enjoyment at Sandy Point:

BBQ equipment:
A gas BBQ and gas are supplied. We ask that you keep the BBQ clean, and ensure it is ready to be used by the next person. If you run out of gas, there is a spare in the laundry. If this is also empty, please refill at local shop, and send us the receipt and we will reimburse you for the cost.
Basic comestibles including oil, tea, coffee, sugar, as well as a range of sauces and spreads are available. Tea towels, hand towels, placemats, coasters etc are provided, please use them. All cutlery and crockery is provided, including cookware. There is an oven and cooktop available, as well as usual kitchen appliances including a sandwich toaster, and microwave. There is a dishwasher- please use detergent provided, and ensure rinse aid is topped up regularly.
TV/ DVD and stereo are all provided. There are a couple of CDs and DVDs provided for emergencies, however, we recommend you bring your own along. Heating and cooling are supplied via a split system air conditioner.
There are two queen sized beds, and a single bed bunk available in the house. There is a covered doona provided for each of the beds, however, you will need to bring sheets and pillow cases.
Usual amenities are supplied. Toilet paper is supplied, however, we request you ensure that there is sufficient for the next tenant, should you run out. Tissues and hand wash are supplied. A first aid kit can be found in the bathroom cupboard. Please bring along bath towels, beach towels, bath mat etc, as these are not supplied.
There is a top-loading washer and detergent supplied. There is a retractable line on the deck (wall) near the laundry. There is a second shower and toilet in the laundry.
The tap water is bore water. It is hard water, so you may need a little extra detergent. On the sink in the kitchen is a small extra tap. This provides FRESH FILTERED TANK WATER for drinking.
Dogs are welcome. Please ensure they are not permitted in the house. The fencing is constructed of nautical steel wiring, with spacing of approximately 15cms. This may not be sufficient to restrain small or determined dogs.
Items usually held in pantry:
  • olive oil
  • cooking oil
  • leaf tea
  • teabags
  • instant coffee
  • salt and pepper
  • sugar
  • vegemite
  • soy sauce
  • bi- carb soda
  • stock cubes
  • vanilla essence
  • paprika, oregano, cloves (and various other spices)

We ask that you please do not leave your own groceries behind, as we are limited in what we can legally supply to our tenants.
Please note that there are sandflies at Sandy Point. They are prevalent around Christmas and New Year, and are worse after some rain. They have a sting which causes a nasty itch. Please protect yourself with insect repellant during sandfly season.
Bins are collected on Monday mornings. There is an information sheet from council on the fridge for additional information.
Sandy Point Holiday House

We hope you enjoy your stay!